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Hear what our clients have to say
about our photo restoration/special effects work

As always, I am very, very pleased with this merchant's services and prompt communications.



Great work!

Thank you so much for all your help



Art, what can I say? You guys are good, damn good. It's perfection! Doesn't she look symmetretical and just wonderful?

Thanks you so very much!


Thanks again, Art and Jimmy--super job!


It is my privilege to submit this testimonial about FixingPhotos.com  I have presented numerous photos to this company, photos which I termed "Mission Impossibles."  Fixing Photos has always been responsive, patient, and worked with me until we achieved together the result I wanted.  Art and Jimmy will do everything within their power to deliver an image to their customers that is quality, timely, and has met the client's expectations.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs any sort of work or repairs done to photos.

Sincerely, Lee


 before  after

I'm extremely pleased with the work of Fixing Photos. It's thrilling to see precious moments of time restored. These treasured memories are now preserved and can be shared with other family members. Thank you so much for your prompt and wonderful service!

Sylvia Blair

Hello Art,

I have found Fixing Photos to be a great service. They are conscientious, reasonable and willing to work with you. I would recommend them to anyone.

Doc Peters


Thanks so much for the wonderful job on the Christmas card photos.   I think you were able to help improve our pictures with every special effect and graphic special available.  You also completed our photos in an amazing time frame.  This shows great customer service and great quality work from you guys.  I don't think anyone could ask for a better service than what I received.

Thanks again and we'll be back in contact soon.



I would like to say that you did an awesome job and you were great to work with.  No matter how much of a pain in the ass may I have been you never complained. Thanks so much for all your help!


Thank you again for restoring the photograph. The photograph was taken over 25 years ago and we didn't have many photos that we were all together as a family so I am so pleased that you were able to restore it. I would certainly use your services again and would recommend your services to friends and family.

Thanks again - Kati

WOW!!!  The pictures look great. I have wanted to get these old pictures restored however; I thought they were beyond salvaging.  Well, you have proved me wrong.  I am so very pleased with the restoration of my mother and father precious picture.  GREAT JOB!!!! 

Renee Barlow

Very nice!!.. Nice job Art!

Agave Hutauruk

Art, many thanks again for such superb and professional work!


It looks AMAZING!! Thank you so much, my grandmother is going to be TRULY excited. It looks better than I ever though it could be.

Kris Pace



You are extremely professional. I am very pleased with the work you have done for me and I would, highly, recommend you to anyone who needs photo fixing. Thank you so much.



Great Job !   My father and me want to thank you for this. That picture was the only memory we have from my grandparents . God bless you always and keep doing this fantastic job.



It looks great! 

Thank you Art

Best of Health, Sally Lynn



Tears came to my eyes.  My grandmother is dead now and this means a lot to me.  They look fantastic. Thanks.
Susana Iribarren

I really want to tell you how proud and impressed I am with the work you are doing. I really mean that. The website is beautiful and so well prepared, it is impressing.  I must tell you that sometimes I lack in praising and thanking you enough for all you do, but today all the sudden it hit me, how careless I have been in not acknowleding your work and self education. Please put my note on the website, don't be modest, you deserve all the praise. Keep it up!!! Love you a lot,


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