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Miscellaneous Effects
Below are an asortmant of special effects that we offer to our customers. Scroll down to see samples.


Colorization - Photo colorizing (digital photo colorization) involves adding / enhancing selected colors on a grayscale (black and white) or faded color image. And applying color to one specific object or perhaps the entire photo.

Before Colorization
After Colorization


Remove Color - Transform your color image to black and white.

Before Effect
After Effect

Sepia Effect - Give your old or new photo that vintage look.

Before Sepia Effect
After Sepia Effect


Dream Effect - This effect really brings out the colors and gives the photo a dream like haze.

Before Effect
After Effect


Baby Special Photo Effects - Transform your cute baby pictures into masterful works of art.


Image Manipulations - Modify your boring, ordinary photos.

Before Manipulations
After Manipulations


Lens Flare - Simulates the refraction caused by shining a bright light into the camera lens.

Before Lens Flare
After Lens Flare


Collages - a photo made from an assemblage of your different photos, objects, cutouts, pieces of photos, thus creating a new whole image.

Collage Sample 1
Collage Sample 2


Out Of Frame - A real cool 3D look. Click On Image For Larger View.

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