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Artistic Effects
With artistic filters we can help you achieve painterly and artistic effects for a fine arts or commercial project. These effects replicate natural or traditional media effects. Scroll down to see samples.


WaterColor Effect - paints the image in a watercolor style.

Before Watercolor Effect
After Watercolor Effect


Fresco - Paints an image in a coarse style using short, rounded, and hastily applied daubs.

Before Fresco Effect
After Fresco Effect


Oil Painting - for a painterly effect. Brush types include Simple, Light Rough, Dark Rough, Wide Sharp, Wide Blurry, and Sparkle. Below is a sample of the Simple.

Before Oil Painting Effect
After Oil Painting Effect


Dry Brush - Paints the edges of the image using a dry brush technique (between oil and watercolor). The filter simplifies an image by reducing its range of colors to areas of common color.

Before Dry Brush Effect
After Dry Brush Effect


Cut Out - Makes an image appear as though it were constructed from roughly cut pieces of colored paper. High-contrast images appear as if in silhouette, and colored images are built up from several layers of colored paper.

Before Cutout Effect
After Cutout Effect

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